Our Story

I firmly believe that we can improve people’s lives through exercise, and that’s why it’s essential that everyone find the activity that motivates them, makes them progress, and keeps them active.

In 2014, after years of professional experience in fitness, I realized that there was a group that had been completely forgotten: urban women who were looking for an effective, fun, whole-body workout. An activity where they didn’t need to invest a lot of time to obtain results and that took place in a world-class environment, designed exclusively for them from the start.

If I could come up with the concept, the method, I’d be able to offer something unique to these women and help them live a more active, vivacious life and allow them to incorporate exercise into their everyday life.

After traveling to the U.S. and London, trying a multitude of fitness experiences, and including contributions from mindfulness and coaching, and paying special attention to details like decoration, lighting, and music, the B3B concept was born. It is a boutique studio exclusively for women, where we implement the B3B® Method® (Biking, Boxing, Ballet), a trademarked method that was created with specialists from each field.

We tested the concept out on family and friends, who helped polish it, and officially launched the first B3B Studio in December 2015.

This launch was a leap of faith, and we allowed ourselves to be guided by intuition and trusted that we had gotten it right with our concept, because nothing like this had been done before. We were pioneers in Madrid with the boutique model, and offered a method we had created ourselves that was unique in the world.

Three years after that initial launch, I can say that I am truly proud to have been able to create a training method designed exclusively for women, and to create a unique space and environment. But above all, I’m proud to see the women who enjoy coming to B3B and who are our best ambassadors.

B3B‘s key to success is our ability to empathize with our clients’ needs, our passion for offering professional, warm customer service, and selecting a fully committed team.

After the success of our first studio on Calle Ayala in Madrid, our goal is to grow and fulfill our objective of creating a community of active women who enjoy working out and benefit from the energy and vitality that exercise brings to their lives. That’s why we’re aiming to open new studios, create a stronger sense of community wherever we go, and participate in projects that improve disadvantaged women’s lives.

Juan Garaizar, Fundador & CEO B3B

B3B manifesto


Exclusively for women, where we teach a unique, high-intensity method that combines Biking, Boxing, and Ballet in 45’.


We want to improve women’s lives by incorporating physical activity into their day-to-day lives.


Coming to B3B is going to change your day!


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Create a community of active women who enjoy working out