What is the B3B Woman® Method?

It’s a unique experience. We combine the
best version of BIKING, BOXING and BALLET in a magical climate, created by a
group of women and supported by Mindfulness and Empowerment techniques
which will let you give your very best.

Why do we combine the 3 activities, BIKING, BOXING and BALLET to create a unique experience?

Because we love it! And because this is how we get the most complete and effective training in just 45 minutes. We combine different forms of experience to surprise you and challenge you…

Biking- It isn’t spinning or indoor bycling which you’re used to seeing at the gym; our biking is fast, light and fun, because what we want is to burn calories and increase our metabolism without excessive loads which make you gain volume in your legs. Better to see footballer legs on the telly!

Boxing- Yep, you read right, real boxing, with gloves and an Everlast heavy bag, for you to release all your stress while you tone your upper body and core. Oh, and this is very important! At B3B we always leave prettier than when we go in, therefore all of our boxing is no contact.

Ballet- We love ballerina bodies, stylised and defined, with their amazing legs and bums. You don’t need to bring a tutu or slippers, this is fitness ballet! That means barre work that we do on a ballet barre inspired by the ballerinas’ warm-up.


What do we get with the B3B Woman® Method?

BURN, TIGHTEN AND CONTOUR, and increase our levels of POSITIVITY and VITALITY.

If you want to get contoured legs, burn fat from your thighs and hips, define your arms and chest, tone your bum or strengthen your core…¡B3B Woman® is for you!

Our goal is a feminine, sexy body and a positive mood without any other goal than to get the best version of ourselves.

Why is it only for women?

Because men and women are different physically and emotionally.
At B3B Woman® we are 100% focused on women, on what they need, what they want and what they feel. We create the best environment to get fun, dynamic, motivating and efficient training, in which the strength of a group guided by one of our B3B trainers allows us to get the results that we all want.



Music is very very important to us. Music that touches our soul, inspires us and motivates us. Music that invites us to dance, to sing and to dream… and that we can listen to wherever we are using our Spotify account b3bwomastudio.

“Music is for the soul what gynmastics is for the body” Plato


Because we want to take care of you inside and out, in our Studio you can find the best selection of organic bars and juices, and we will give you the latest fads from the coolest cosmetic brands. Futhermore, because we know how important it is for you to feel and look beautiful, even when you are working out, we have designed for you the B3B activewear collection. Be warned, you’ll want all of our shirts!