How does B3B work?

Without fees, registrations or commitments… without attachments!!


Only 3 steps to begin:

If you want, you can sign up at the Studio
You can buy individual classes or multiple ones
Choose your class and select your bike

If it's your first time

Arrive 20-25 minutes ahead of time so that we can explain to you how the Studio works and make sure that you start out strong.

The most important thing is that you come with EXCITEMENT! B3B is suited to all levels, we are not trying to become superwomen… we are trying to get the best version of ourselves.

In order to fully enjoy your experience, you’ll need:

Clothes- Come comfortable, with leggings, top and/or shirt. If your fitness wardrobe is not very big, don’t worry, at our Studio you’ll find everything you need. You won’t be able to resist!
Trainers- All of our bikes are set up to use with normal trainers.
Boxing Gloves- At the Studio we hve rental gloves for only €1, although if you wish you can also buy your own gloves.


How to reserve a class

You’ll find all of our schedule posted on the website for the next 4 weeks, and you can make your reservations week by week.

Everyday you’ll be able to reserve your space in the class on that day and the following 7 days, so that you can comfortably and simply organise your schedule.

If there is space you can reserve your session on-line, via telephone or at the Studio itself up until 5 minutes before it begins.

How to cancel a class

Oh, you can’t come to your class! That’s a shame, but don’t worry, you can cancel up to 6 hours before the start of the class and reserve another class.

Waiting list

Oops!!! There’s no space in the class you want? Don’t worry…

Sign up to the WAITING LIST, if there is any free space we’ll assign them by the sign-up order and we’ll send you a confirmation via email. If it is the same day of the class, we’ll call you via telephone and we won’t give you the space until we contact you directly.

It’s necessary to use 1 class from your account (if you don’t have classes, you’ll have to buy) in order to reserve a space on the WAITING LIST. If in the end you don’t have a space, the class will not be taken off your account.

You may take yourself off the WAITING LIST at any time so long as you have not been assigned a space; if you have been assigned, you may cancel it following the same general cancellation policy. When you cancel a class, it will be put back into your account. It may be that you are assigned a space and cannot cancel it because you were assigned to it within 6 hours before the start of the class. If this occurs, call us.


Arrival time

You must arrive and CHECK-IN at the Studio at least 5 minutes before the start of the class. Starting from that time, all free spaces without a CHECK-IN will be given to people without a reservation who are at the Studio.

B3B with friends

If you want to work out with your friends and reserve the same class for everyone, you can do it yourself at the Studio. You can reserve a maximum of 4 spaces, and the sessions will be taken from your account. It is necessary for your friends to already be signed up on-line or for them to fill out a guest pass when they get to the Studio.


Changing Room

We know that you leave home in the morning like you were going on a two-month trip, so don’t worry, at B3B you won’t need to bring almost anything. In our changing rooms you’ll find everything you need:

  • Big lockers with a lock so you can comfortably store everything.
  • Hygiene products for your body and hair.
  • Professional hair dryers and GHD irons.
  • Two towels, one for your class and the other for the shower.

B3B Etiquette

1. Arrive on time. It is important to start the class at the same time… once the class begins, the experience begins… if someone arrives late and comes into class it disrupts the magic of the group.

2. Telephones & Tablets. Give yourself 45 minutes free as well as to others. It is not permitted to come into class with mobile devices. It is not permitted to use any device in the changing room. If you have any urgent issue or you are awaiting an important call, leave us your mobile at reception and in case of an emergency we will let you know.

3. Blah, Blah, Blah. We know that you are friends and that you want to talk about things, but when the class starts, enjoy it and let us get carried away with it… encourage, sing and dance if you want but don’t talk about work, shopping, the kids, your partner, etc. Here and now is your time!

4. Good Vibes. We know that it is difficult and that the world out there is like a jungle… at B3B give yourself a break… everyone’s attitude counts. Be friendly with the B3B team and with your companions… we’re all here to enjoy.