Are you participating in our cause?


B3B participates as a Collaborating Partner of the Barró Association, together promoting a project that we are really excited about: B3B & Barró Woman Project.

The Barró Association is a non-profit organisation whose objective is to create a socio-educational area for people in situations of or at risk of vulnerability, marginalisation or social exclusion, in order to give them tools to help them get out of this situation of social disadvantage and connect with their environment. The scope of action for Barró is the Community of Madrid.

B3B & Barró woman project is intended to support a specific group of girls and, using our capabilities, strengthen and enrich the work of the Association.

We have a gruop of 10 girls aged 12 to 16 years: 4 from the Puente de Vallecas District, 4 from Ciudad Lineal and 2 from the town of El Gallinero. The girls belong to various ethnicities, Romany and non-Romany, and second-generation immigrants.

At B3B we want to do our part for them organising various activities with a very important playful component to give them fun and joy, and at the same time we want to give them enthusiasm and support them with their concerns.

Soon we will introduce you to the girls and the specific activities we will be inviting you to so that you can participate with us on this exciting project.